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3 Simple Styling Tips for Your Holiday Mantle

We had the opportunity to style a client’s mantle for Christmas and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Your home is so much more than the setting for your holiday celebrations. It sets the tone for creating new traditions and keeping the old ones alive. Whether you find yourself in a home you love or one you don’t love so much, finding a little time to decorate can make it an inviting space for gatherings. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Hilary styling the mantle!

We’ve got 3 simple tips to spruce up your mantle if you’re in need of some inspiration this season.

Start with a Focal Point – This can be a mirror, an art print or even a wreath. You just want this piece to function as the focal point. Make it something that you love or if it’s not special or sentimental to you, then you can always layer over the top of it. We incorporated a brass mirror and a collection of handmade embroidery hoop wreaths.

  • The hoop wreaths you see in this design are so simple to make with the help of hot glue or floral wire. If you don’t have time for handmade holiday decor they are easy to find on Amazon or Etsy and don’t have to be limited to the mantle design. Use them throughout your house for a festive and modern look.

The Higher the Better – Choose additional elements to decorate with that create height. We used a variety of candlesticks and the brass embroidery hoop wreaths in this design to draw the eye upward.

Say Yes to Greenery – Organic elements like plants and foliage add life and texture to your mantle. We say they are always a good idea! We used faux eucalyptus and fir to embellish the embroidery hoop wreaths. Fresh Cypress and Noble Fir were used for the 10 ft. mantle garland that was handmade by a local florist. A handful of pheasant flowers were peppered throughout the garland to give the mantle a more personal touch for our client.

We hope these tips help spark creativity as you’re decorating your home for Christmas. And more than having a beautifully decorated space to celebrate the holidays, our wish is for your home to be filled with hope this Christmas season.