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Ryan Jensen Joins HGC Design Build

Star center of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 2021 Super Bowl Champion Ryan Jensen joins HGC Design Build as co-owner and leads the charge in expanding Westward to Colorado.

Ryan Jensen Headshot

From a friendship forged on the football field with opposing college teams, Ryan Jensen and Garrett Gilkey never would have imagined that their respective journeys would eventually lead them to partner to expand a design-build firm. The idea began to take shape when Ryan and his wife, Stephanie, took the first steps to build their dream home in Colorado and leaned on Garrett for his building expertise. Through utilizing HGC Design Build for their own home, Ryan and Stephanie saw the immense potential in bringing the processes and ideas to their home state. Garrett and the HGC team welcomed Ryan’s unique leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurial vision as they set their sights on going West.

“We are excited to have Ryan join the HGC family. He has a passion for building and design. He will be an intricate part of our growth, especially in Colorado. Our team is really looking forward to welcoming Ryan’s ideas and vision as we walk forward together.”

– Garrett Gilkey, CEO of HGC Design Build

Garrett Gilkey and Ryan Jensen talking in front of a balcony

Ryan joins the team as a co-owner and will lead the charge in cultivating relationships and strategic planning. Ryan’s consistent demand for excellence, analytical thought processes, proven leadership, and creative problem-solving will serve as a foundation not only for the current planned expansion but all future endeavors for the team.

“I’m looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and tackling this new challenge head on. I see endless possibilities for growth as we journey West and the opportunities for the creation of incredible relationships and amazing projects.”

– Ryan Jensen, Co-Owner of HGC Design Build